Resources marshalsewell May 31, 2022

A few resources to help us
mind our melons.

How stuck are you? Introspection Guide

You know that feeling. The ground’s getting softer, you feel the truck sinking, you start to bog down a bit. You’re getting stuck. If you find yourself feeling stuck, maybe it’s time to take a step back and assess the situation and be realistic about some practical next steps. 

Emotion Melon Activity Guide (Teacher Resource)

In this activity students will identify core emotions and the feelings that can come withthose emotions. This will help them develop emotional intelligence and improve their ability to communicate their own emotions effectively. This activity should be completed after reading “Melon Mike & His Not So Fun Feelings.” 

Melon Mike & His Not So Fun Feelings Book

Melon Mike isn’t just growing watermelons on his family’s farm. Mike experiences some big feelings and, with the help of his dad, learns that taking care of his mind can lead to a much sweeter outcome!