Sharing My Story marshalsewell April 30, 2022

Sharing My Story

Hey everyone! I never envisioned myself as the “blogger-type” but here we are…and I’m thankful you’ve found your way here. 

Growing up in my family’s multi-generational operation in our local farming community helped shape me as an individual. And, while that had so many benefits, it also made me acutely aware of the stress involved in a seemingly innocuous field. In hindsight, I suppose you could say the farming AND the farm stress are what helped get me here. 

While I was in high school, my family experienced a crop failure at our family farm. In response, for reasons none of us will ever fully understand, my dad made the decision to end his own life. 

And that single experience changed my family’s trajectory forever. 

Following the loss, I have spent years reflecting and, personally, exploring the field of mental health and personal resilience. 

Let me be clear…I am no doctor.

But I have spent a lot of time attempting to unpack my family’s situation to better understand stressors, not only in our agriculture industry but, in our everyday lives. Beyond the stress, I’ve also become fascinated with the concept of performance mindsets and the proactive approaches we can be implementing to practice good mental hygiene.

I probably won’t have the answers you’re looking for but I hope to share my perspective while, also, providing access to some of the resources I have found useful and interesting along the way.

While my story is rooted in agriculture, the topic of mental health extends far beyond the farm. So as you’re following along, no matter what field you’re in (pun intended), I hope you’ll remember to mind your melon!