Life is a Highway…or Something Like That? marshalsewell December 30, 2022

Life is a Highway…or Something Like That?

For anyone just now stumbling across this page, thank you for stopping to check it out!

Not sure which road may have led you to Mind Your Melon but I’m excited you’re here, either way. 

Speaking of roads, our family just spent a full day battling holiday traffic on our way home after Christmas.

Steering wheel-gripping? Check.

Stress-inducing? Double check.

While the driving was a nail-biter, for sure, it did give me a fair amount of time to think. About our drive, our family, recent events, upcoming events…all sorts of broad categories came to mind behind the wheel.

As we drove from town to town and intersection to intersection, our heads were on swivels watching for hazards or the next best coffee shop. Oddly enough, it reminded me of what we’re doing here with Mind Your Melon.

Each and every one of us is traveling our path, ducking and dodging the (seemingly endless) hurdles left and right. All the while, we are making it from one checkpoint to the next while looking for the best stops along the way. 

Between dangers (other people and things around us) and distractions (Goats on the Roof anyone?), there are so many things occupying our brain space, trying to capture our attention and illicit emotional response.

So what does that have to do with Mind Your Melon?

We’d like to think we’re right, smack-dab, in one of those intersections I mentioned…right about where physical health, emotional health and financial health all converge. And, to top it all off, we’ve got great, big billboards all around highlighting things like faith, family and farming. 

We know we’re a funky, little niche of an intersection. And you could find us from all sorts of directions or routes. But we hope it doesn’t change the fact that you found us because mental health is important to you and those around you. 

Take some time to check out the site, peruse the resources, and always feel free to reach out if there’s anything we can do to help.