Phoenix…Not Arizona marshalsewell February 20, 2023

Phoenix…Not Arizona

When Phoenix comes to mind, I could either talk geography or Harry Potter. Fortunately for you, however, I won’t be pulling out any maps or casting any spells in this post.

After listening back to my recent conversation with Philip Watts (Full Circle Dairy), the mythological version of the phoenix is what actually popped into my thoughts.

How fascinating it was for me to ride around with Philip and spend the afternoon touring his facility. Spot after spot, we’d stop and observe the processes taking place and he would explain to me the thoughtfulness and innovation that was involved in designing their system. Then, after sitting down and talking during the podcast, it was illuminating for me to hear about all his family had to go through in order to get there. Failure, bankruptcy, restructuring. 

Like a phoenix that rises from the ashes.

While Philip shared a fantastic story on resilience and tenacity, I believe it’s  also a story of hope and encouragement. In our personal and professional lives, we can often feel isolated and shut-off when amidst challenges and stresses. These pressures can overwhelm us and cloud our judgement and vision. And, unfortunately, that feeling can keep us from seeing hope and leveraging the resources around us. 

For anyone reading, remember there’s always hope. Just as the phoenix has to be tested by fire before regrowth, we also have the opportunity to grow back even bigger and better after difficulty. 

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